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We create the tools for teachers/instructors to TEACH Construction

TEACH Construction is here to support those doing the great work of training individuals in the trades. 

To effectively train in the 21st Century a teacher/trainer needs to have a wide array of tools in their “instructional toolbox”- both digital tools and physical tools.   Our construction training instructional resources will help deliver high-quality training in the classroom and online.

Instructional Resources

Providing Construction training in a 21st Century Classroom is not an easy task; everyone can use some support. Our TEACH Construction Resources can be used to enhance the online experience, the classroom experience,  and training in the lab/field.

For every topic, we provide the same suite of 4-5 instructional resources.

(1) It starts with a Presentation for the teachers to use in class or virtual lessons. 

(2) We also provide a Lesson Video, incorporating the same Presentation available to the teacher, with interactive questions 

(3) For each topic we provide a Quiz in PDF format OR a question and answer bank for you to use on your LMS – as well as study resources for students like a key term vocabulary doc

(4) Whenever practical we also have one or more Skills Exercises available  

TEACH Construction products come in three options

Premium Plus

Resource plus access to our e-learning portal

As a way to try our resources in your classroom, our Basic Subscription is available at no cost to you after you complete a how-to-use our resources self-paced course

You will have access to a limited amount of Instructor Presentations, Video Lessons hosted on YouTube, Knowledge Review Quizzes, Skills Exercises,  and Instructor Resources on a few topics.

Learn more about our free resources here

Our Premium Subscription provides access to all we have to offer in the following courses. 

  • Fundamentals of Construction
  • Introduction to Electrical
  • Introduction to Painting
  • Introduction to Plan Reading
  • Basic Framing
  • Floor framing
  • Basic Window Installation 
  • Introduction to Plumbing

And more course content  on the way

While not Required – Premium Subscribers can also use one of our e-learning portals and gain access to:

  • Interactive Video Lessons that track student engagement
  • Student Assessment Quizzes Built-in
  • Full Gradebook and activity tracking
  • Skills Exercises
  • Instructor Resources

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Get started learning more about the value of a TEACH Construction subscription.   Did you know we offer free resources also.