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Do you provide training in the construction trades, or plan to?

Meet your students where they are – and save time and resources in the process.  We don’t think that all construction training can be delivered online – but certainly, some of it can be and we are here to help.   Training in the 21st century is often delivered in a blended learning environment – some online lessons with hands-on training being delivered face to face 


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Basic Content Licensing


As part of our mission as a social enterprise – we provide access to a portion of our Instructional Resources at no cost to schools and small workforce training organizations.   
Simply create an account on this site and you will be able to access almost 200 individual resources.

Premium Content Licensing

$1,750 per year

Access to our full library of instructional resources is available to partners with an annual premium subscription at a price of $1,750.00 per school or small organization.  Accessible to all teachers in the school and an unlimited number of students.
Bulk purchases are available for school districts at the standard per school rate – but it caps after 15 schools.
We provide premium subscribers with a document that contains individual URL’s to each instructional resources.   The URL’s can be incorporated into your Learning Management Solution – either a product like CANVAS, Schoology, D2L, Moodle, etc.  Or they can also be incorporated into your Google Classroom solutions.   Or just used right from the electronic catalog (certainly possible, although it is not the ideal solution for blended learning)

Watch the video to get a full explanation of our Premium Subscription

Premium Plus
Content and e-learning portal

$1,750 per year

Setup - $500
$30.00 per user/year

If you are not ready with your online learning solution – or don’t have the time or resources to build your courses out yet – we have you covered.
We have created 11 different courses that utilize all our video lessons combined with over 40 auto-grading quizzes, student engagement videos, skills exercises, and access to instructor resources.   See examples of these courses on our Demo Learning Portal at (contact us for the required enrollment code to see the courses) 

Add online training in a matter of days

Private Branded Portals and Reseller Programs

Our Learning Portal reseller program is designed to bring training materials to more people.   We know there are many great training programs in the country and many more that may be able to become one.   Our goal is to support both with our curriculum, resources and online tools.

The TEACH Construction reseller programs include the following.

  • A privately branded portal
  • Full administrative access to the learning portal
  • Ability to enroll students outside of those you directly train

Contact us today to discuss this partnership option