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Some of our Instructional Resources are available at no cost. Sometimes this is because they have been sponsored by an industry partner, and sometimes the video content is on YouTube and includes advertisements.

We do have resources without ads in our premium content library.

Student Resources

Trades Training Video Series

Teaching to the 21st Century Student, any learning plan has to incorporate videos.  We have created almost 100 videos in our Trades Training Video Series.   The basic subscription provides access to videos through our YouTube channel – 
These can be used as self-paced education tools, maybe student study guides, or used as part of a Learning Management System (LMS).

Presentation Slide Decks

We provide over fifty presentation decks, available as Google Slides versions.  Topics range from basic safety and introduction to construction tools to deeper dives into multiple trades like carpentry, concrete, electrical, plumbing, and painting…and the list keeps growing.   These slide decks are the same as the ones used in the videos. 

Construction Skills Exercises

Construction can’t be taught with presentations and videos alone.  The TEACH Construction library has skills exercises connected to each module.  An instructor can use some of our resources or all of them.   

Skills Exercise Review Video – 

Along with the Skills Exercises, we also provide a video to prepare the student for the hands-on project.    Each Skills Exercise provides the teacher/instructor the opportunity to individually observe and evaluate each student.


Occasionally we break lessons into mini-review sessions, not all videos need to be full lessons. 
This example is a lesson review from our intro to wall framing course. 

Mini Build Projects

We offer a growing library of build projects that support the skills that have been taught.   The one on the left is constructing a set of shutters we found on the Lowes Website   

Instructor Resources

Instructor Review Videos

We also provide a full library of videos to explain and support the teacher/instructor when delivering the skills exercises. 
Additionally, we provide instructor versions of most skills exercises.