• 8/15/2022

August Update – Q3

  • Floor Framing Instructional Resource – 4 lesson Videos, 3 Presentations, 3 Quizzes, student vocabulary
  • Interactive videos now provided to all subscribers
  • 2/1/2022

January Update

  • Offering Premium Plus Lite to our Premium Customers for no additional cost. 
  • New Interactive Videos available to our Premium Plus and Premium Plus Lite customers
  • New course formats with conditional assignment release. 

NEW – New Build Projects for Framing Course (Premium Content Library)

  • 6 new Build Project Plans

  • Updates to Framing Skills Exercises 

  • Roof Framing Exercise

  • Floor Framing Exercise

  • Updated Measure and Mark Video Lesson and Presentation


NEW – Expanded Library of Build projects and Skills Exercises (Premium Content Library)

  • 16 new Build Project Plans

  • 14 new Skills exercises 


NEW – All New Resources in our Wall Framing Course (Premium Content Library)

  • Lessons – ( a few examples to the right) 

    • Wall Framing – Elements
    • Wall Framing – Headers
    • Wall Framing – Corners and Connections
    • Wall Framing – Blocking
    • Wall Framing – Sheathing
    • Wall Framing – Stud layout
    • Wall Framing – Plate Layout (simple and advanced)
  • Framing Process videos coming out in early August

Update – Cordless Drill (Free Content Library)

  • We updated the cordless drill video lesson
  • We added a lesson  for Driver Bits and another one for Driver Bits 
  • Presentation slide decks are also availble 

NEW – Mini-Lesson on Utility Knives 

  • Mini-lessons are videos only – no other instructional resources are provided for those types of lessons. 
NEW – Updated Speed Square Lesson Video
  • The corresponding g-slides presentation has also been updated. 

NEW – Fillable PDF Quizzes
  • 45 quizzes updated to a fillable PDF version

If you have been using the proper links that start with https://teachlink.online/”the rest of the link” then you will automatically have the newest quiz. 
These fillable PDF files are recommended for a short time – do the work to create a quiz on your e-learning system…you will be happy in the long run with all the time it saves. 
NEW – Intro to Plumbing
  • 11 Lesson videos

  • 9  Presentations  

  • 3 Skills Exercises 


Youtube Playlist

Premium Content



Skills Exercises


Quiz question banks

New resource for Saws
  • New video about Saw Blades 

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