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  • 2/1/2022

January Update

  • Offering Premium Plus Lite to our Premium Customers for no additional cost. 
  • New Interactive Videos available to our Premium Plus and Premium Plus Lite customers
  • New course formats with conditional assignment release. 

NEW – New Build Projects for Framing Course (Premium Content Library)

  • 6 new Build Project Plans

  • Updates to Framing Skills Exercises 

  • Roof Framing Exercise

  • Floor Framing Exercise

  • Updated Measure and Mark Video Lesson and Presentation


NEW – Expanded Library of Build projects and Skills Exercises (Premium Content Library)

  • 16 new Build Project Plans

  • 14 new Skills exercises 


NEW – All New Resources in our Wall Framing Course (Premium Content Library)

  • Lessons – ( a few examples to the right) 

    • Wall Framing – Elements
    • Wall Framing – Headers
    • Wall Framing – Corners and Connections
    • Wall Framing – Blocking
    • Wall Framing – Sheathing
    • Wall Framing – Stud layout
    • Wall Framing – Plate Layout (simple and advanced)
  • Framing Process videos coming out in early August

Update – Cordless Drill (Free Content Library)

  • We updated the cordless drill video lesson
  • We added a lesson  for Driver Bits and another one for Driver Bits 
  • Presentation slide decks are also availble 

NEW – Mini-Lesson on Utility Knives 

  • Mini-lessons are videos only – no other instructional resources are provided for those types of lessons. 
NEW – Updated Speed Square Lesson Video
  • The corresponding g-slides presentation has also been updated. 

NEW – Fillable PDF Quizzes
  • 45 quizzes updated to a fillable PDF version

If you have been using the proper links that start with”the rest of the link” then you will automatically have the newest quiz. 
These fillable PDF files are recommended for a short time – do the work to create a quiz on your e-learning system…you will be happy in the long run with all the time it saves. 
NEW – Intro to Plumbing
  • 11 Lesson videos

  • 9  Presentations  

  • 3 Skills Exercises 


Youtube Playlist

Premium Content



Skills Exercises


Quiz question banks

New resource for Saws
  • New video about Saw Blades