Basic Tools and Materials

The Premium course includes the following Modules —
    1. Wood-Based Materials
    2. Basic Fasteners
    3. Basic Hand Tools
    4. Hammers
    5. Basic Power Tools
    6. Cordless Drill

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will learn the different terms used to identify common hand tools and some facts about each including: Key parts, Variations of the tool, Proper uses, Safety considerations
  2. Students will learn the basic parts of a standard cordless drill and learn the methods of installing and removing bits and drivers; learn how the controls change the way the tool operates including the speed control setting, the clutch setting, forward and reverse switch, variable speed trigger. Students will gain proficiency of the drill through the practice of drilling holes and driving and removing fasteners
  3. Students will learn terms to identify and to ways determine the grain characteristics of wood
  4. Students will learn common lumber defects and how to identify each
  5. Students will learn the nominal and actual dimensions of stock lumber
  6. Students will learn general information about sheet goods and common dimensions
  7. Students will learn information about sheet goods, their purpose related to sheathing and decking
  8. Students will learn terms to identify different fastener categories
  9. Students will learn common nail types used for building
  10. Students will learn common screw types used for building
  11. Students will be able to identify different driver bits and match them to the correct fastener
  12. Students will learn general information about tools used to install common fasteners

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Cordless Drill - Interactive Video Lesson
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Cordless Drill - Student Vocabulary

Cordless Drill - Quiz

Cordless Drill - Skills Exercise

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