The Future of construction training is online

October is Careers Construction Month, and we are showing our support.  At TEACH Construction, we have built our reputation on effectively supporting the 21st Century teacher/trainer with our digital tools.  Many of those training the workforce of tomorrow have been forced to shift their programs either partially or fully online and have been struggling to gain access to quality training resources.

To support these teachers – TEACH Construction is happy to announce the creation of our new TradeSkillsU YouTube Channel.  We have already uploaded over 75 of our trades training videos, and more to come.

Help us drive the industry forward by subscribing to our YouTube Channel – Since the channel is so new, the YouTube display algorithm is not promoting the videos yet.   Please take a few minutes and click subscribe so those that teach construction can learn that these videos exist and continue to build the workforce of tomorrow.

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Get started learning more about the value of a TEACH Construction subscription.   Did you know we offer free resources also.