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This is a live webinar series for teachers, instructors, and those employers that provide an internal training program.   These sessions are intended to be very informal and interactive – we are not trying to make it an infomercial.   But that being said – I can talk all day about our tools and resources so please do not let me have the chance.

Our topics will change for each session and can range from

  • Open discussions about various learning management systems
  • What online resources have worked and what has not
  • Occasional guest speakers
  • Skills Exercises – what works what does not
  • Updates about TEACH Construction resources – and updates about our Learning portal

Currently, we are using ZOOM and we are not recording these sessions, so you will have to find the time to join us.   To help fit into your schedules we host sessions on different days and times on alternating weeks.   

First Wednesday of the Month – 11:30 am (Mountain Time)

Third Friday of the Month – 1:30 am (Mountain Time)


Lunch & Learn hosted through Zoom

This is a live stream event where we provide updates on the TEACH Construction instructional resources and online tools.   We don’t have a set schedule for topics – so you will have to stop by and listen in.   Updates will be posted to our TEACH Construction Facebook page.

These events will be streamed live on our Facebook page, on our TEACH Construction YouTube Page, and soon on LinkedIn